"Last of First Basketballers" December 26, 1969

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"Last of First Basketballers" December 26, 1969


A newspaper article published by the Philadelphia Inquirer titled "Last of First Basketballlers: Raps Freeze, Audiences, Amount of WhistleTooting." The article is dated December 26, 1959 and appears to have been picked up from the Associated Press service. It talks about and interviews Raymond Kaighn, one of the original men to first play basketball when Dr. James Naismith introduced in the game in 1891 in a class at Springfield College, then known as the International YMCA Training School. At the time the article was written, Kaighn was 89 years old. The article talks about how he views the game today and recaps how basketball was created. It also refers to Kaighn as the "last survivor of basketball's first game." However, after the article was published, Ernest Hildner, a retired minister, saw the article, and spoke up, which led Kaighn to happily recognize that he was not the only former player alive.





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