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Lyman Walker Archibald portrait (Class of 1893)

Springfield College alumnus Lyman Walker Archibald (Class of 1893) hailed from Nova Scotia, Canada and was one of the original members of the first basketball team.

First Basketball Champions of the World

A hand colored lantern slide of the Secretarial team of the International YMCA Training School, now Springfield College, and the school champions in 1892. The team in is often referred to as the "First Basketball Team". The team does contain 9 of the…

Lyman Walker Archibald

A portrait photograph of Springfield College Alumnus Lyman Walker Archibald.

Ernest Hildner portrait, ca. 1891

This is a portrait cabinet card of Springfield College alumnus Ernest Hildner (class of 1893), the youngest member of the very first basketball team. The photograph was taken in Detroit Michigan., ca 1891.

Patton Application to Springfield College

An application for admissions to the Secretarial Department of the YMCA Training School, now Springfield College, for Thomas D. Patton (Class of 1892). It is dated Feb. 6, 1890. There is another application for Patton that is undated. It contains…

First Hand Information, ca. 1941

A newspaper article published in the Springfield Union News titled "Captain of World's First Basketball Team Returns to Springfield College". The article focuses on Thomas D. Patton who was one of the first men to play the game of basketball. It…

Dr. James Naismith with Thomas D. Patton

A photograph of Dr. James Naismith with Thomas D. Patton standing under an arch.

"Basketball - How and When Introduced", by T. D. Patton

The article titled "Basketball - How and When Introduced" by T.D. Patton appeared in the 1941 edition of Souvenir Magazine, commemorating the 50th anniversary of Dr. James Naismith creating the game of basketball. T.D. Patton was one of the original…

Dr. James Naismith with Fellow Alum in Front of Alumni Hall

A picture of Dr. James Naismith with fellow alumni in front of Alumni Hall on the Springfield College Campus. Among those in this picture is Thomas D. Patton, second from the right, who was Naismith's student in the secretarial class that first…

Springfield College Football Team, 1891

A photograph of the International YMCA Training School, now Springfield College, football team of 1891. This was the second football team at Springfield College started by Amos Alonzo Stagg, the "grand old man of football". The original team was…

Dr. James Naismith with Walter Lanphear, William Ball, Mrs. William Ball, and Thomas D. Patton

A photograph of Dr. James Naismith with fellow alumni at an alumni function at Springfield College. From left to right there is Thomas D. Patton, Mr. William H. Ball, Mrs. William H. Ball, James Naismith, and Walter Lanphear.

Springfield College Commencement Program (1892)

This is a program for the sixth commencement ceremonies for the International YMCA Training School, now Springfield College, held in 1892. This pamphlet starts by listing the members of the graduating class, then describes the order of exercises and…

Birthplace of James Naismith

A photograph of the birthplace of Dr. James Naismith. The photograph shows a snow covered field and the house and out buildings of the old family home. A group trees stands in front of the house.

Dr. James Naismith, c. 1893

A cabinet card photograph of Dr. James Naismith, c. 1893 while he served as a faculty member at the International YMCA Training School, now Springfield College.

Wilbert F. Carey, Class of 1892

This photograph of Wilbert F. Carey is part of a Springfield College series of lantern slides depicting YMCA Training School alumni who held positions at YMCA facilities.

William H. Davis

A newspaper article, tilted "Member of First Basketball Team" that appeared in the North Adams, Mass. Transcript in 1911. The article highlights William H Davis's, Springfield College (then the International YMCA Training School) class of 1892,…

Thomas Patton Postcard to Jacob T. Bowne

Postcard from Thomas D. Patton to Jacob T. Bowne . The post card is dated August 29, 1890. On the back, he says that he, along with James Naismith (spelled Naysmith on the card), the creator of Basketball, expect to reach Springfield, Massachusetts…

School for Christian Workers Building

An image of the original School for Christian Workers building located in Springfield, Massachusetts, ca. 1886-1896. The original building of the School for Christian Workers (now Springfield College) was built on the corner of State and Sherman…

Application for Ernest Hildner (August 24, 1891)

This is the application for admission to Springfield College, then the International YMCA Training School, for Ernest G. Hildner. The application is dated August 24, 1891. The application gives basic facts about his life, his religious background and…

Springfield College Football Team, c. 1892


A photograph of the Springfield College Football Team of 1892. Notable alums featured in the photograph are James Naismith and William Morgan. Naismith invented the game of basketball in 1891 while a faculty member of Springfield College (then…